Thursday, July 10, 2014

Wyatt Visits the Immunologist

Today Wyatt saw the immunologist for the first time and I have to say it was the most productive doctor's visit yet! He did pretty well and only started to get fussy when all the talking got boring. His eyes became red and watery, which is was strange as he wasn't crying. Not sure what caused this. I have seen it happen before and I wonder if it is related to his Mastocytosis. 

I had a few things that I knew I wanted to discuss today: starting solid food, medication and immunizations. We came up with a game plan for all three! 

Starting Solids

A diet that avoids histamine releasing food is a must! Since he is five months old, we decided fruits and vegetables were a good place to start. She recommended apples and pears to be the first foods as they do not cause problems for people with histamine issues. Once he is six months old we can add in protein! So I finally get to start him on solids! He has been showing signs of readiness for a couple weeks now. He sits well in a high chair, he shows interest in our food, he doesn't spit out his teething tablets and actually chews them! I can not wait to let him try his first taste of real food! All of his food has to be made at home that way we know exactly what he is ingesting. If he were to have a reaction we have to be able to know what caused it. Jarred baby food tends to have a lot of ingredients and it would be difficult to decipher which ingredient was the issue. I am pretty excited about making all of his food myself. I know it will be a challenge, but this way he will be receiving the best of the best homemade chow!


 The immunologist decided to put him on daily medication as he is reacting quite a bit, a few times a week. She started him on Ranitidine (Zantac) twice daily along with Benadryl. We were giving him Benadryl as needed when he got blisters, but the doctor feels it would be better to be proactive and try to prevent reactions. Hopefully by pre-medicating him his reactions will decrease and he will feel better. I just hope that the Benadryl doesn't make him too loopy.


Wyatt received his two month immunizations before we knew about his condition. When his four month shots came around his general practitioner decided to delay them until we could get a second opinion on how to go about them. Immunizations cause an increase of histamine in the blood and therefore could cause Wyatt to have a serious reaction. We decided the best way for him to go about his immunizations would be to get them one at a time, spaced a week a part. This way, his body will not be overloaded and will be less likely to react to the shot. The downside is that he has to get shots spaced out and that will not be fun for him. But my little guy is a trouper and I know he will do well with them!

We go back and see the immunologist again in two months so she can see how he is doing with his medication and diet.

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