Thursday, July 31, 2014

Masto Reaction and New Medication

Like normal, Wyatt got a reaction blister on his back Sunday evening. He gets one to two blisters a week. Over the next few days the blister grew a little until Wednesday evening I noticed it had turned a red blood color. I called the immunology clinic and asked if this was normal, they decided to have him come in to be evaluated. After a thorough examination the doctor felt that the blister must have received some sort of trauma and that it should heal normally. I was glad to hear good news! While I was there I explained to her that Wyatt has been on his daily medications now for three weeks and I have not seen a change in the amount of reactions that he has on a regular basis. So instead of receiving Benadryl in the morning Wyatt will now be taking a dose of Zyrtec along with his dose of Zantac, while receiving Benadryl at night and as needed. Zyrtec lasts 24 hours while Benadryl which only lasts four to six hours. Hopefully this will help reduce the amount of reactions that he has on a regular basis. 

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