Thursday, June 12, 2014

Wyatt Goes To Arkansas

Sadly Wyatt's Great Grandfather passed away two weeks ago. So we hopped on a plane to Arkansas to visit the Greenlee family. This was Wyatt's first trip outside of the state, actually, this was his first trip outside of the city! While I have heard that traveling with a baby is difficult, experiencing it first hand is something else. 

You put the baby in the suitcase,
Packing for this trip was a bit overwhelming for me. I have never packed to go anywhere over night with a baby before, let alone on a plane with one. Wyatt was weaned of nursing at three months old and now exclusively drinks formula. I purchased the shelf stable Enfamil liquid cans as this is the longest lasting formula once opened. I made six bottles of formula and kept them cool with an ice pack. Being the anxious mother (person) that I am, I started reading about the TSA and liquid formula. The TSA states that liquid forumla is allowed, but only enough for the flight. I started reading stories online about TSA agents forcing people to get rid of "excessive" liquid formula. This policy worried me because what if the plane got delayed? I need more formula then just enough for the flight. So the entire way to the airport I was a complete ball of nerves. 

Waiting in the airport after
after our flight was delayed!
Luckily, the screening for the formula was very simple. They had me open the bottle and they waved a strip of paper over the top of it. They said they were looking for particular types of fume. They spent about a minute with the strip over the liquid and then deemed it safe for the flight. And that was it! So simple and they didn't make me dump the extremely necessary (and expensive) formula down the drain. I was so relieved! 

Wyatt did pretty well in the airport. Our first flight was delayed, thank goodness I packed extra bottles! As long as he was fed, played with and got a few good naps in, he was a happy camper! I tried to mentally prepare myself for the excessive questions about his spots, but apparently people who are traveling have much more tact then those in grocery stores. Not once did someone ask us about his spots!

To my surprise, he loved looking out the window. He amazes me everyday. He is only four months old and is interested in everything he comes across. Maybe this means he will want to be a pilot, or an astronaut... or a cloud scientist (sounds way cooler than meteorologist).

Luckily, for both me and the other passengers, Wyatt did very well on the multiple flights we took that weekend. We tried to make sure we were feeding him during take off. But if he wasn't hungry, we just had him take his pacifier instead. Between that and the motion of the plane, he fell asleep! On one of the flights we took, the seat next to us was empty. So we bundled that baby up, placed him on the empty seat and he napped the whole flight! 

Our time in Arkansas was bittersweet. We had to say goodbye to Clint's grandfather, Wyatt's great-grandfather. The service was beautiful, it was held outside and mother nature provided us with a much needed breeze. Knowing that he is now at peace is very comforting to the whole family. 

If you have never been to Arkansas, you need to add that to your bucket list! The state is lush with greenery. I saw more deer on that weekend than I have ever seen in my whole life! I love heavily wooded areas, the trees have a calming effect on me. I always feel at peace in the woods.

The silver lining to this journey was the chance for Wyatt to meet his family. There were quite a few people who hadn't had the pleasure of meeting Wyatt. Everyone was so excited to meet this joyful boy of mine.

We only had one hiccup with Wyatt's masto during the weekend. The very last flight we were on had air conditioning problems. The flight was very hot and sticky. We know that heat is a trigger for Wyatt, so we had the stewardess bring us a bag of ice to help keep him cool. Sadly, this did provide him with enough relief and one of his larger spots on his back bubbled up into a blister.

The doctor advised us to let it breathe and to keep an eye on it to make sure that it didn't get infected. Poor little guy was not happy about this. It was particularly bothersome because it was on his back. It swelled a little more than shown in the picture, then deflated and scabbed. The whole process took about a week. I hope that we don't have to deal with that again, but I know this is just the beginning of our journey with Mastocytosis. 

Overall, Wyatt and his spots did much better than expected and we can't wait to go back and visit again. 

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