Why I choose glass baby bottles

We have been using glass baby bottles exclusively since Wyatt was born. We did a lot of research while I was pregnant with him when deciding on what bottles we wanted to use. 

Our main concerns with plastic baby bottles (as with most plastic bottles):

-Chemicals (BPA in particular) can leach out of the plastic overtime from just regular use.

-Heating the plastic bottle can make that problem even worse.
-Storing milk in plastic bottles or plastic bags is discouraged for this same reason.
-Using certain cleaning products when washing them can exacerbate the breakdown of the plastic. 
-Plastic can get small scratches in it making it difficult to clean and sterilize properly. 
-Using bottles with the plastic bag insert can cause a lot of extra waste (and money!).

By using glass bottles instead you solve the problem of chemicals leaking into your baby's milk and the peace of mind that they will be clean after being washed. 

But glass sounds dangerous around a baby?! 

Most people (as I did) get concerned that glass bottles will break. But let me tell you these things are built to last! I have dropped several on the ground (on accident, not as an experiment) and they didn't even chip. The glass is actually much thicker than I expected it to be. But if you are still worried about them breaking, as any parent would be, you can buy plastic silicone sleeves to go over them. They come in all sorts of cute colors and are offered by many different brands. Check these out. I personally haven't needed to use them yet. Perhaps when Wyatt gets older and starts to throw things! 

I recommend Evenflo

Some glass bottles can be pricey, but I was recommended the Evenflo brand by several other moms and have loved not only their price but their durability. I bought mine online at Target eight four-ounce bottles for only ten dollars! They are normally thirteen, but they go on sale all of the time so keep an eye out! I highly recommend this brand to anyone who is interested in using glass bottles for their little ones. 

This bottle is Wyatt and Husband approved!

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