You will want one small watermelon for this recipe.
Watermelons are freshest in the summer.
Babies 10 months and older can eat small chucks of watermelon straight.

 Using about half of the small watermelon, cut the meat off of the rind. Make sure to remove any seeds. Pulse the watermelon chunks a few times in the food processor. This will basically make watermelon juice. Using the chunky watermelon juice, combine with a thickener like lentils or rice. You will have to play around a bit to get the right consistency for your little one. I have found that a half cup (uncooked) red lentils creates a nice smooth puree. Check out the link below on how to cook red lentils.

One steamed red apple, one steamed red beet and a quarter of a mini watermelon will create this amazingly tasty Beet and Watermelon Applesauce!

Check out my low histamine recipes for babies for more puree ideas! 

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