Summer Squash Puree

Summer Squash Puree

One medium size squash will make about twelve ounces of puree.
The peak season for summer squash is summer, of course!

First rinse the squash off well, as I do not peel this vegetable. Once rinsed, chop into small sections about a quarter inch thick. You will get these lovely little yellow discs. They don't have to be perfectly uniform, just small enough to make the steaming process easier.

I steam the squash for about ten minutes or until tender. Once they are soft enough, puree them in a food processor until very smooth. Normally this vegetable does not need extra water added to the puree. But you can always add some of the steaming water back into the puree to thin it out even further.

Once you know that your baby does well with summer squash, to change things up a bit add a teaspoon of fresh basil or mint for added flavor and nutrition! Store any leftover puree in an air tight container in the refrigerator. Or for long term storage, divide out servings into containers and store in the freezer.

You can also try mixing and matching squash with different fruits and vegetables. This melon and summer squash puree is a great flavor combination. Just add the raw meat of half of one melon and puree with the steamed squash.

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