Pear Puree

Pear Puree

Two medium pears make about ten ounces. 
The freshest pear selection will be from August to October.

Rinse and peel the pears. Compost the peels, they are good for the earth! Then dice the pears into half and inch size pieces. They don't need to be exactly the same size or shape, but the smaller they are, the shorter the steam time.

I steam the pears for about ten minutes or until tender and then puree them in a food processor. They make about ten ounces or so. For younger babies you can thin them out even further by adding a small amount of the water you used to steam them. Place them in air tight containers, preferably glass, and store them in the refrigerator or freezer.

  Add one medium zucchini to add some protein to this recipe. 

Add one apple and one medium zucchini for a fresh tasting pear zucchini applesauce!

Add to this recipe the meat of one young coconut (or half a cup of coconut milk), four leaves of steamed kale and two kiwis. 

Check out my low histamine recipes for babies for more puree ideas! 

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