Mango Puree

Mango Puree

One medium mango will yield about twelve ounces of puree.
The mango season is from March to July!

There are many ways to cut up a mango. Do whichever way works best for you. If you have never cut up a fresh mango before be aware that there is a rock hard middle section. You will have to cut around this. Seriously, rock hard, avoid it.

 Remove the rind (compost it later!) and cut into small pieces. I suggest not using a vegetable peeler as the rind is very thick and takes at least three passes to remove. Cutting the rind off is much quicker in my opinion. For little ones, make sure to steam the mango before pureeing. I add about four ounces of water to thin it out a bit. Now you are ready for some sweet, delicious and nutritious mango puree!

For a sweet veggie fruit combination add two medium carrots.

Adding half a cauliflower to this recipe make for a yummy meal!

 Check out my low histamine recipes for babies for more puree ideas! 

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