Mango Popsicle

Popsicles are a great way to help keep cool during the warmer months. And with cheap popsicle kits you can buy almost anywhere, making you own natural popsicles could not be easier!

To make four popsicles I used two whole mangos. I bought four, but only ended up needing two! I also used a quarter cup of coconut milk. The coconut milk helps sweeten the mango, which can be a little tart and it also helps create a smoother puree. That's it! Two ingredients, this could not be easier.

Cut and peel two mangos. I steamed them for a five minutes to get the mango just a tad softer. Cooked fruit creates a smoother puree. Then puree the mango and coconut milk until silky smooth! If you don't like the pulp you can use a strainer or cheese cloth. But I don't mind a bit of texture so I skipped that step.

Spoon the puree into the mold. Be sure to leave at least a half an inch gap between the puree and the top. Liquids expand when they freeze and you don't want mango puree all over your freezer. Once full prop them upright in your freezer overnight.

Lastly, enjoy your homemade, sugar free, low histamine treat! These are great for teething toddlers or just a warm spring day snack! This recipe will work for all different kinds of fruit purees. So great creative!

Warning: I am not responsible for any messes toddlers may make while eating popsicles. I recommend bibs, or eating outside.

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