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There are quite a few medical reasons on why some babies and children need to be on a low histamine diet. When Wyatt was diagnosed with Mastocytosis I had a hard time finding websites that had recipes for baby food that was exclusively low histamine. So I have complied an ongoing list of  exclusively low histamine baby and toddler food recipes for others to use as a recourse for their little ones. Not all children with Mastocytosis can handle the same foods, but this list will include food that is safe for most low histamine children. Always wait three days between trying new foods to make sure that your child does not have a reaction. While these recipes were chosen with a low histamine diet in mind, they are great for all little ones to try!

All recipes listed are homemade, organic and (almost always) purchased locally. 
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Low Histamine Fruit Recipes

Low Histamine Vegetable Recipes 


Other All Natural Ideas

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The importance of buying organic.

It is important to buy organic food when possible when making food for a low histamine child. Pesticides can cause reactions in children with histamine issues and should be avoided as much as possible. Certified USDA Organic fruits and vegetables are not grown with pesticides. Keep in mind that organic does not mean clean, you still need to wash all produce before preparing it for consumption. You can tell if a fruit or vegetable is organic if the number on the bar-code starts with a 9.

Buying food locally is not only good for your little one, but it is good for everyone. We purchase a lot of our produce from our veggie co-op.  This is a great way to get locally organic food for a decent price. I have also complied a list of local grocery stores and farms and their pricing for various organic food. Check my Buying Organic Food Locally page for more information.

Using glass storage containers. 

I use glass containers to store my son's baby food for the exact same reasons that I chose to use glass baby bottles. To read more about why I use glass instead of plastic, check out my blog post on Why I Chose Glass Baby Bottles.

All recipes are Wyatt approved! 


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