Kale Puree

Two cups of kale makes about eight ounces pureed.
Kale can be purchased fresh the second half of the year and is tastiest in the colder months.

Rise the kale well. I find that this vegetable likes to hold on to dirt better than anything else so make sure to thoroughly wash the leaves. I remove the stems and coarse chop the leaves. I then steam the leaves for about ten minutes. Once soft, I put it in the food processor to break down. This veggie is best mixed with another ingredient to get a smoother texture for little ones. Check out the ideas below for inspiration on how to add this nutritious veggie into your little one's diet. 

Add three to four small beets to this recipe for this tasty mix.

The meat of one young coconut (or half a cup of coconut milk), two kiwis and a pear will combine nicely to the steamed kale.

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