Jade Pearl Rice

Jade Pearl Rice

A cup of dry rice makes about two cups of cooked rice.
Organic jade pearl rice can be purchased year round in most health food markets or online.

Jade pearl rice has the same amount of protein as brown rice but with a beautiful green hue. This green hue comes from bamboo extract that is infused into the rice. 

I used homemade vegetable broth, but you can use water as well. The vegetable broth adds extra nutrition as well as flavor. I personally always cook rice in my homemade vegetable broth. Yum!

Bring a cup of dry rice and one and a half cups of cooking liquid to a boil, add a pinch of salt if desired. Cover the pot with a lid and turn the heat down to low, simmer for twenty minutes. Do not stir! Then remove from heat, with the lid still on and let cool for five minutes.

Broccoli and Jade Pearl Rice

To make this delicious rice dish, cook a cup of jade pearl rice per the instructions above. While the rice is cooking,  grate a small head of raw broccoli. You can use a hand grater or a food processor. I apparently prefer the messier method of hand grating.

A small head of broccoli will yield about 3/4ths cup, what I have affectionately termed "broccoli fluff". Mix the broccoli fluff into the rice and viola! One easy and super nutritious dish that the whole family can enjoy.

For infants you can puree together a small head of steamed broccoli, an apple and the rice to make this fabulous puree. Add extra liquid (organic apple juice or homemade vegetable broth) to thin if needed.

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