Honeydew Puree


An average size honeydew will produce about 24 ounces of puree. 
Honeydews are at their peak ripeness from the end of summer to the middle of autumn.

Cut open the melon and scoop out the seeds with a spoon. (Be sure to compost the seeds and pith!) 

Toddlers can enjoy a slice right off of the melon. Just be sure to supervise that they don't start gnawing on the rind. You can also cut the melon up into chucks, or ball with a melon baller.

 Melons are a great fruit to puree. They are often soft enough to puree without having to steam first. They also make a great addition to other fruit and veggie purees.

To puree, remove the rind. For melons that are not as ripe, steam for about ten minutes until soft. With ripe melons you can skip straight to pureeing. Pulse in the blender until you reach the desired consistency. Very smooth for babies just starting out and a little thicker for older infants.

Puree half a honeydew, two steamed carrots and a mango to make this delicious meal!

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