DIY All Natural Egg Dye

 For families who avoid artificial food dyes, or who are looking for a fun yet simple way to make homemade egg dye, this is the project for you! Using ingredients you already have in your home this DIY could not get any easier.

Start off by traditionally hard boiling as many eggs as you wish to color. I colored six eggs for my project. This required two cups of chopped kale, two cups of red cabbage, one cup beets and one cup  onion peel. You will also need a total of eight tablespoons of white vinegar.

Boil each ingredient separately in their own pot of two cups water and two tablespoons of vinegar. Once a steady boil is reached, simmer the beets, onion peel and cabbage for fifteen minutes. The kale requires a simmer of thirty minutes. Strain the liquid into separate containers. I used one pint glass jars.

The longer you let the eggs sit in the dye, the bolder the color. 
Kale creates a yellow/green.
Onion peels create a dark orange.
Beets create a deep pink,
Cabbage creates purple.

I allowed my eggs to sit overnight. In the morning I put one kale egg in the cabbage dye and one onion peel egg into the beet dye for a few hours to create a beautiful combination. Mix and match the colors to see what you get! Happy Spring!

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