Cucumber Puree


One medium cucumber will make about ten ounces of puree.
Cucumbers can be purchased at their freshest from May to August.

Wash and peel the cucumber. Cut it in half length wise (the hot dog way they would say in elementary school). Then using a spoon scoop out the seeds. Make sure to compost the seeds and peels, they are good for the earth. That is if your husband doesn't eat it all while you are cooking. Cut the cucumber up into pieces. For younger ones, steam the cucumber to make a smoother puree. Since cucumbers have a high water content, adding this to another fruit or veggie puree will help keep its consistency.

For a light and refreshing meal, add one pear to this recipe.

One medium golden beet and cucumber combine to make this tasty meal.

Half a cup of chickpea puree will add a lot of protein to pureed cucumber!

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