Cantaloupe Puree

Cantaloupe Puree

One small cantaloupe produces about 12 ounces of puree.
Cantaloupe season runs from about June until August.

Start by making cuts through the cantaloupe as shown to the left. Then completely cut through the cantaloupe halving it. The next step is to scoop out the seeds. These can be composted! 

 Run the knife through the fruit in one direction, turn it and make perpendicular cuts. Flip the melon over and shake/press the rind. The squares of meat should fall right out. You could also hand scoop all of the meat out, but I find the cutting method to be quicker. 

 Place the cubes of cantaloupe into the food processor and puree until smooth. The final consistency is very thin and you should not add any water. Baby should have an easy time swallowing the puree as is. What a sweet, yummy summer treat for your little one!

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