Canary Melon

 Canary Melons are an excellent addition to any little one's diet! They can be purchased fresh during the warmer months.

Canary melons are a beautiful golden color, with an almost waxy skin. They are a very pale green internally. The only prep work this melon requires is removing the seeds, which can be easily scooped out with a spoon.

Canary melons make a great snack for toddlers. You can cut them into small, bite sizes pieces. Or give them a slice!

For infants, melons make a great addition to a lot of different purees. I made a delicious canary melon and squash puree. I used half of a canary melon and one small summer squash. Wash and dice the summer squash. Then steam for fifteen minutes. Puree the steamed squash with the melon until you achieve the desired consistency for your little one. No need to steam the melon as it is naturally soft. It's that easy! 

This idea applies to other melons like honeydew or cantaloupe. Try mixing and matching different melons and veggies to make new flavors.

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