Family Tree

I'm Elizabeth and I am married to my wonderful husband Clint. We have two furry babies and one not-so-furry baby. I started this blog to help record the memories of the day to day life of our little loving family. Blogging is such an amazing oppurtunity to record and preserve our journey as a family and I hope one day my childern will look upon this page and see all
of the things their little minds could not remember. 

Let's start off with fur baby number one: Bailey

 Bailey was adopted from a rescue by my loving husband five years ago. She is a mix of Great Pyrenees, Bullmastiff and cow. Ok, maybe not the cow part, but she does have three fantastic spots going down her back. Bailey loves to protect the homestead by alerting us whenever a person is within a mile of the house, or if the wind blows too hard. Both are great threats in Bailey's personal opinion, you can't tell her otherwise. 

Fur baby number two: Noah

 I so kindly adopted Noah six years ago from a shelter. He is a mix of a hibernating bear and a bear that just finished hibernating and is now ravenous. There is no in between. Noah is often called by his full name Noah Fluff Cat. When I was pregnant with my son, he often followed me around and protected me against the dangers of my own home. Noah found the bathroom to be the most dangerous place of all and would always wait for me to come out to make sure I was alive. Speaking of my son!

Not-so-furry baby: Wyatt

Wyatt was a stubborn baby from utero. He was forced into the world with an induction on February 5th 2014 and the world immediately fell in love. He is a very happy little boy and loves to play and laugh. Currently his favorites included taking everything out of the cabinets and pressing every button he comes across. He was diagnosed with Mastocytosis at three months old. To learn more about Wyatt's story and Mastocytosis click here.

The Greenlees

My darling husband Clint is a United States Naval veteran and currently in law enforcement. He is a kind, passionate, man who loves us more than anything. The day of our wedding ceremony was the best day of my life. I could not have married a better person. Together we create a loving family of five in our cozy southern home.

But not for long!

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