You can get farm fresh eggs all year round! Finding a local farm that sells them directly can greatly reduce the cost of eggs while supporting local agriculture.

Eggs are an excellent way to add protein into your little one's diet. Their light and fluffy texture creates an easy meal to eat with only a few teeth. Scrambled eggs and omelets are delicious on their own, but try adding some vegetables in their as well! This will help create a variety of new flavors while adding extra nutrition.

Check out this bell pepper omelet for toddlers!

For this omelet I used a teaspoon of both red and green bell pepper with one egg. Cook on medium low heat until bubbling slightly.

When I cook omelets for my toddler I like to fold it over once while cooking to create an easy to hold meal for little hands. If your little one likes scrambled eggs, this recipe works just as well!

Try out this quick and nutritious meal for your little one breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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