Beet Puree

Beet Puree

Three small beets make about nine ounces of puree.
Beets can often be found year round, but are sweetest in the winter. Beets are best for babies who have already been on solids for some time.

Smaller beets are sweeter and more tender than larger ones and therefore make a better puree. Wash and peel the beets (compost the leftovers).

Cut the beets into small species about a quarter inch thick. The smaller the pieces, the shorter the steam time! Steam the beets for about fifteen minutes and then puree until smooth.

Add three apples to this recipe to make a tasty beet applesauce! 

Two cups of kale will make this meal super nutritious.

One medium golden beet and cucumber combine for this tasty meal.

One steamed red apple, one steamed red beet and a quarter of a mini watermelon will create this amazingly tasty Beet and Watermelon Applesauce!

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