Apple Puree

Apple Puree

Two medium apples make about 10 ounces of food. I used Red Delicious.

First you will want to rinse off the apples and then peel them. I save my peelings in a baggie for later to make apple juice. If you will not be saving your peels then go ahead and compost them, or give them to your dog. Whichever you like, depends on how picky your dog is. 

Next cut the apples into small pieces about half an inch in size. No need to make them pretty as they will loose their shape shortly. I steam my apples, which takes about ten minutes or so. Just enough to get them soft. A few short chops in a food processor and you are ready to go! No need to add sugar, apples are very sweet on their own. Go ahead and give it a taste. Yum!

Adding red lentils adds protein to this puree. Very sweet and nutritious!

Adding one medium carrot and three kiwis creates amazing flavor!

Adding three small beets will make a tasty beet applesauce.

Adding one pear and one medium zucchini will not only add protein, but tons of flavor.

Steep the apples in chamomile tea for a delicious applesauce!

One medium steam broccoli head will add awesome flavor and nutrition!

One medium carrot and half a pound of radishes for this fruit and vegetable combination.

One cooked green apple, one cup of cooked broccoli and one cup of cooked jade pearl rice, so tasty! Add extra liquid (organic apple juice or homemade vegetable broth) to thin if needed.

Add a couple of steamed carrots to update your regular applesauce.

One steamed red apple, one steamed red beet and a quarter of a mini watermelon will create this amazingly tasty Beet and Watermelon Applesauce!

Check out my low histamine recipes for babies for more puree ideas! 

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