Apple Juice

 Homemade Apple Juice

So remember all of those apple peels I told you to save in your freezer? Now it is time to dig them all out. I have about four full sandwich sized plastic baggies full of apple peels, a few cores and a couple pear peels. Throw all of that into a pot with about two cups of water. It will reduce, so it is ok if its a bit tight in there.

 Set it on a low simmer and leave it be for about three hours. Enjoy the amazing smell that will fill your home!  I used a silicone ice tray with seven 2 ounce portions. Ladle the juice (you may also use cheese cloth or coffee filters to get every last drop).

 Freeze the juice overnight. You can leave it in the silicone tray until you are ready to use it or transfer to a plastic bag. You can thaw each portion as needed for drinking, or to use as a nutritious thinner in any puree!

This is an easy way to use scraps you would have normally just thrown away (or hopefully composted). And by using the scraps that makes this juice 100% free. What could be better? It's good for you, your family, the earth and your wallet.

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