Saturday, August 8, 2015

Wyatt is a year and a half!

Wyatt is a year and a half!

Wyatt is no longer a little baby, but a full fledged toddler standing at two feet and nine inches tall and weighing thirty pounds! His daily activities include taking everything out of the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. In particular, pots, pans, and nail polish. He also enjoys hiding things in odd places. If there is something to climb, he is already half way up it. 

He absolutely loves to be outside playing in nature. We took him to the lake for the first time this summer and had a blast! Anywhere he can roam free in the fresh air makes him a happy guy! Unfortunately it has been a sweltering summer here in Georgia so our outside play is limited. He easily gets overheated, breaks out into a sweat and starts flushing. We try our best to take him out in the evening when it is cooler so that the heat doesn't cause him to be ill, but those days are few and far between this summer.

Wyatt has not had a single blister in eight months! He had one case of hives around his mouth caused by ingesting vinegar. He got ill once from eating french fries from Steak and Shake, and ill once from eating chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-a. Those are the only times we have tried fast food with him, so we won't be doing that again. But overall, those are his only reactions in months. He eats a really controlled low histamine diet and we feel it has really made a difference in his reactions.

In the last couple of months Wyatt visited both his oncologist and immunologist. His blood panel from oncology looked great. His latest tryptase level was 6.5! Which is fantastic and indicates that systemic involvement is not likely.

Immunology is really pleased with his few reactions that he has had. They have instructed us to start marking down "vinegar" as an allergy on medical forms. And to continue both his half teaspoon of Zyrtec and half teaspoon of Zantac twice a day. I asked his immunologist if they are currently seeing any other patients with Mastocytosis and she said no. She said in her forty years of being a doctor she has only seen this disorder less than five times! Wyatt truly is unique.

We love you Wy, happy year and a half birthday buddy!

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