Friday, June 13, 2014

Wyatt's Follow Up With The Pediatric Oncologist

Yesterday Wyatt had another flare up. We know heat can be a trigger and if he sweats or gets too hot he breaks out in hives. But yesterday he was cool as a cucumber. So this trigger is still to be determined. Which really bothers me. I don't like not knowing what he is reacting to. We didn't do anything out of the normal, he didn't come into contact with anything new. I just don't know what it could be. Hopefully I can solve this mystery before he has another bad reaction. He couldn't sleep all day because of it. : (

Wyatt had his follow up appointment with the pediatric oncologist today. She said his blood work looked great and that they won't have to draw more blood for a few more months. She told me that when he has his flare ups that he can have over the counter children's benadryl. So the next time he reacts to something we at least have a game plan on how to treat his symptoms. 

We also received a call that his epi-pen jr is ready to be picked up. We have to go to the hospital on Monday to learn how and when to use it. Having the epi-pen will help ease some of my anxiety. I worry about him having a severe reaction and not being able to breathe. Now we have something to help him while we wait for the paramedics to arrive.


The next step will be to see the pediatric immunologist in July. I am looking forward to getting some advice on how to start him on solids with his dietary restrictions. 

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