Monday, June 16, 2014

Using an EpiPen Jr.

Wyatt received his EpiPen Jr. today. We received a pretty nifty practice pen with it and spent some time with the nurse learning how to use it. She told us we need to teach anyone who might watch him how to use it. So I have created for you a quick guide to EpiPens. 

First and most importantly, never touch the orange end. This is the end the needle comes out of and it is pressure sensitive. If you ever accidentally get pricked by the needle you need to seek medical care immediately.

How To Use EpiPen Jr.

The first step is to remove the blue cap on the end.

You will be aiming for the mid thigh. Wyatt just happens to have a masto spot in the right location for your convenience. EpiPens are designed to go through clothing, even thick material like denim, so pulling back clothing is not necessary.

At a 90 degree angle, aim the orange side at the thigh, using force, jam into skin. The orange side will depress, hold for ten seconds (count Mississippily). Remove after ten seconds and massage area for another ten seconds. 

Last step: Call 911

Always call 911 after using an EpiPen. Even if the person seems OK, they need to seek medical care after receiving epinephrine. Always. Did I say always? Always.

When to Use the EpiPen For Wyatt

* Difficulty breathing
* Wheezing
* Hives on the face
* Swollen face/eyes/lips/tongue

EpiPens must be kept cool 68 to 75 degrees. Don't leave in car.

For more information and some sweet videos, check out


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