Friday, May 23, 2014

Wyatt's First Pool Experience and Bailey Gets a Bath

Wyatt had his first pool experience today! It was a nice warm May day, so we put his new pool in the shade under some trees in our front yard. While we have yet to experience it, the sun can be a trigger for Wyatt so we try to make sure he is not in direct sunlight for long. The water was pretty cold so he fussed a bit, but he got used to it and seemed to have a good time. His favorite part was the sound of the water filling the pool, he couldn't stop giggling! 

After Wyatt had enough of the strange outdoor water experience, it was time to bathe the Bailey! There are two things you should know about Bailey. 1) She loves dirt and being dirty. 2) She is terrified of water. Together this creates one stinky dog! We have tried in the past to bathe her ourselves in the bath tub, but she clawed the bottom of the tub up. So we started having her groomed, but that became expensive. Today's outdoor bath experience went better than expected. In the end we had one clean dog, which is the best anyone can ask of Bailey. 

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