Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wyatt Visits The Pediatric Oncologist

Today was Wyatt's pediatric oncology appointment and it went very well! 

We checked into the Children's Hospital of Georgia and everyone said how handsome he was in his button down and jeans. He received an id bracelet around his ankle, but it kept slipping off and I ended up carrying it the majority of the time in fear that it would get lost.

He was seen by two different doctors and a medical student. They were the first set of doctors Wyatt has seen that seemed to have a good general knowledge of Mastocytosis. They examined all of his spots and asked if he had any problems with itching and I said I don't think so but it is hard to be sure when he can't express himself well. He scratches the spots on his head, but not very often. They palpated his abdomen and said nothing felt enlarged. They asked about his stomach and I informed them that Wyatt had some vomiting issues a month or so ago, but that seems to have dissipated. The doctors said that internal complications with Mastocytosis are rare, but it is still important to get some blood work done to make sure that mastocytomas are not growing on his internal organs. 

The nurses did a fantastic job with his blood draw, he only cried a little bit. I think it also helped that Dad was giving him chow at the same time. Afterwards he received a sweet giraffe band-aid! 

The first set of blood work results came back, which was more about his general welfare and it looked really good! The doctor was pleased with the results. We now have to wait until the second set of blood work results come back and that should take about a week. Those results will be more specific to his Mastocytosis. The doctor was really optimistic and we will be back at the pediatric oncology clinic again in three weeks for another exam. We were also referred to another dermatologist and an immunologist at the Children's Hospital of Georgia as well. So we will be seeing all of them very soon.  

Wyatt had a really long day at the hospital and is now home, ready for a nap. I hope.

I just wanted to say that if anyone needs to be reminded how blessed they are in life that they should visit the pediatric oncology clinic. Seeing such young children getting chemotherapy, with no hair, sitting, laughing with their parents and nurses will make you tear up. I was so humbled by those children. And they loved Wyatt! They waved and smiled at him and he giggled and I had him wave back. I am so lucky to have my Wy and feel so blessed. He is such a good little guy even at only three months and today he made children with cancer smile and it warms my heart. He is destined for greatness, spots and all.  

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